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Masks come in a variety of colors and materials. No two masks are alike!  I am making them out of material so that they can be washed and reused many times.  I am making them from clean material that I have around the house and workshop (remnants of fabric, sheets, T-shirts, etc.. All cleaned!), so as long as you don't mind a one of a kind unique mask in any of these materials, I am more than happy to make you one! I am trying to make each one a little fun, but as I am getting an overwhelming response we will see how my supplies last. 
I have 4 sizes: 
XS ( kids) 
S ( fits me perfectly) 
M ( Fit's my husband perfectly)
If you don't care about the color or material please put in the notes of your order " send me whatever" and specify the size. 
if you have a special request, I will do my best to accommodate you or let you know if I can't do it. 
Also please let me know the urgency of your order! If you are a healthcare worker or need this right away for your job, I will try to send it out to you first. 
 Masks are suggested donation of $15 each mask.  If you can't afford to pay anything email me at info@vayabags.com and I can see if I can get you one for free. 
Stay safe out there my friends!